Dhaval Patel

Digital Marketing Project Manager

SEO Specialist

Social Media Manager

PPC Specialist

Dhaval Patel

Digital Marketing Project Manager

SEO Specialist

Social Media Manager

PPC Specialist

Casino Care

  • Created By: Dhaval Patel
  • Time Line: 2023
  • Client: Personal Project
  • Role: SEO, Content Editor, Development , Research
Client Website

Casino Care is a dedicated online casino review website targeting the Philippines market, providing comprehensive evaluations of all online casinos in the country.


My objective at Casino Care is to offer players honest and unbiased assessments of top virtual gambling establishments. We aim to guide players in finding the perfect online casino that suits their individual needs and preferences.

Role and Responsibilities

As the owner of Casino Care, my responsibilities include maintaining the website, regularly updating casino reviews, and managing both on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

Key Achievements

Casino Care has successfully achieved top rankings on Google for various online casino brand keywords, resulting in a significant influx of traffic. The primary challenge faced was researching the authenticity of casinos and evaluating the quality of their services.

Technologies Used

Casino Care is built on the WordPress platform and is currently in English. Future plans involve converting the website to the Philippines’ local language using the Google Translation API.

Methodologies and Strategies

  • SEO Optimization: Employing advanced SEO techniques to secure top rankings on popular search engines.
  • Authentic Reviews: Ensuring thorough research to provide authentic and high-quality reviews to users.

Results and Impact

The implementation of effective SEO strategies has resulted in Casino Care ranking prominently on Google and other search engines, attracting a substantial amount of traffic and clicks.

CasinoCare-Landscape-Position-Tracking (1)

Challenges and Solutions

Facing challenges is an inherent part of managing Casino Care. The primary hurdle was the time-intensive process of thoroughly researching targeted casinos to provide authentic reviews. However, I managed to streamline and master the research, ensuring each review met high standards.

Another significant challenge emerged with a Google search algorithm update, leading to a drop in the website’s ranking. Although there was no penalty, the dip prompted immediate action. To counter this, I revised the content and eliminated toxic backlinks. The result: the website is steadily regaining its rank, as evidenced in the Visuals section below.

Note: These challenges and solutions reflect the dynamic nature of managing an online casino review platform, where adaptability and strategic adjustments are crucial for sustained success.

Key Takeaways

The journey with Casino Care has emphasized the importance of adaptability, meticulous research, and strategic adjustments to overcome challenges and maintain a successful online platform.

Future Development

Future plans for Casino Care involve expanding coverage to include more Philippines casinos and targeting high-search-volume keywords to further enhance website traffic.


Below i provided Google Search Console and Google Analytics data screenshots to showcase the website’s performance, achievements and recovery post-algorithm update..